One Day I Will Write About This Place

About One Day I Will Write About This Place

In One Day I Will Write About This Place, we meet Binyavanga Wainaina not far into the start of his ordinary enough childhood: school on week days, his mother's salon on weekends.

Life changes in 1978 with the death of the Kenyan president, who is of the same tribe as Wainaina's father. Competition and tribal favouritism hit close to home when Wainaina is denied entrance into top Kenyan secondary schools because of his tribe.

Forced by the decline in the nation's politics and tertiary institutions, Wainaina looks outside of Kenya for higher education. In post-Apartheid South Africa, while studying finance, he withdraws socially and emotionally, burying himself in literature. It is also at this critical point in his life that he discovers he must write to save himself.

This profoundly moving debut memoir is written in language that is as charming as it is expressive. One Day I Will Write About This Place is a highly memorable memoir documenting the challenges of a Kenyan youth and his zeal to save himself.

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